Born in: Santiago, Chile
Lives and works in: Milano, Italy

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Matias Guerra

(Santiago – Chile 1973) is a painter, multimedia artist and musician focusing mainly on video and sound experimentation, his work often reflects this diverse expertise highlighting the relationship between man, machine and chance. He collaborates with artists, musicians and composers and with associations as an organizer or cultural promoter, prioritizing collective and self-sustained projects. Has held workshops and lectures in private and public institutions like University of Pisa or Venice Biennale. His work has been shown in galleries and contemporary art museums (most recently at MACRO in Rome). Since 2008 he collaborates with La Camera Verde in Rome.


Video: IT’S ALWAYS ABOUT TIME Video: HD 21 Minutes Wall Painting Installation: IT’S ALWAYS ABOUT NUMBERS Materials, measurements, size: Wall Size variable, ink on various types of paper
  • 2014