Unknown World

A map of an unknown world; acrylic paint, crayons and pencil on 16 A4 sheets of paper (4 x4); total size: 165 cm wide and 120 high

Unknown world:

Day 1:

Void, nothing, emptiness, as if the landscape only arises because we are discovering it. Maybe nothing exists without the attention of the observer.

Day 2:

We are making progress faster than expected. The landscape takes us in as if it wants to be explored. There are moments when we would like to stay longer, but it virtually sucks us into the nearby regions, no time for profound exploration, further, further.

Day 3:

I start to wonder if we are dealing here with an intelligent consciousness. As if the landscape already knows that we are coming, as if it had expected us or rather as if it is what we are expecting it to be. It seams as if it ́s playing with us. How objective can our observations therefore be?

Day 4:

Dissention within the team. The desire arises to define cardinal points. No compass, even the existence of a sun is unclear. Some are talking about above and below. Colder realms = above, warmer realms = below. I am despairing due to the inadequacy of my co-workers. Where are the ones who are free of having to compare, free of trying to create references, free of imposing the known on the unknown?

Day 5:

From the beginning I have explained the intension in details: We are exploring an unknown world where nothing is as we are used to. My co-workers are boycotting my plan. They have started to define the landscape, coastlines, forests, mountains, lakes,… They are coming up with names and terms, because they can ́t stand it, the unknown. Yes, yes, I understand, I know, it ́s all clear,… this is how they talk and I ́m no longer the master of the situation.

Day 6:

The moment we show up somewhere, they have to categorize. Above, below, north, south, can ́t they leave this poor world alone? Everything has to be tall or small, high or low, ugly or beautiful. It ́s my fault, that it hasn ́t remained as it was, the unknown no mans land. All these settlements… It ́s my fault that they are everywhere, those who invent more names and categories and who put up signs, that nothing, absolutely nothing, remains unknown.

Day 7:
I wanted to experience without having to understand. My experiment has failed.